Hello there! I'm Spice! Nice to meet you! I like stars and fluff, by the way. What do you like? Questions, perhaps? Or maybe a conversation? I love to meet new pokemon! Come talk to me, yes, yes?

M!A: None (OPEN)

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just saying I’m probably not going to delete?? It may change

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This blog hasn’t made the best progress hasn’t it? I feel like I need to get to it’s plot again, plus my art then was awfully ew. Anyways, sorry for the short notice! Maybe in our reboot we can get an actual relationship or something, anyway!
See you then!

((I’m going to catch it. 400 is going to come up on my screen yes.))



May I ask what happened to the christmas video? It's really late now, but from what I'd seen, you put a lot of work into it. Seems like it'd be a shame to let that ll go to waste.

((Well, I’ve already explained, I never finished it.
I was 3/4 done and then I lost motivation. I really am sorry for giving everyone high hopes on it but looks like I wasn’t prepared for such a thing.

I would really show what I’ve done but my Hard Disk Drive containing all my data is corrupted and I don’t think I’ll be able to get it back. Once again, I’m really sorry.
I’m never making another big project like this until I’m confident that I’m ready.

If you don't mind me asking, whatever happened with that Christams/winter Animation?

((Aaah, yeah! I’m still working on it! I’m almost finished though, so stay on the lookout ‘v’/))

((Random pixel gifts :U))

((I just came home from stressing and humiiating school and find this




ok tumblr you made my day ;;;;u;;;; thanks so muchies guys <333 I love you all))

Spice is such a cutie I had to do some fanart ^w^


((hnn i don’t think this turned out as great as the others, i’m so sorry ;n;

well, this is spice from askspice, i do love them little floofles <3 ))


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